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Our Strategy

We offer website & marketing services fully covering all customer needs ....

Our strategy is to provide exceptional web services (website development & design, safety, SEO optimization, promotion, etc.) in an fair priced package and of course provide support after the project delivery.

How we started

Since 2014 we specialize in Design and Web (web sites), Design and Construction Electronic shops (e-shops), Blogs, portals, forum etc.

We design and implement your business website, providing you with a modern graphic design that reflects the style of your business and responds to the needs and requirements.

We plan, design and manage every element of your corporate website ensuring stability, brand uniqueness, user engagement and social media marketing.

Why choose us

In JupiWeb we care about winning the trust of our customers by offering all our services at the best possible prices and provide advice whenever we are asked. We design and build websites using the latest web design & development trends. We offer unique digital marketing techniques and campaigns providing full support for your website.

We work especially well with start up businesses, with no brand history. If you are any type of existing or startup business interested in branding or design at our agency, we would love to discuss your new brand.

Web Development
100% Complete
Web Design
SEO / Marketing
100% Complete

Our Goal

It doesn’t matter what size or type of business you run.

We can create an impressive and effective online presence for your company, on time and on budget. We want to create a fantastic website for your business by selecting the right images, layout and responsive web design.

Who are we?

We are a friendly, dedicated and passionate team of individuals with a passion for helping businesses grow and increase their online presence.

At JupiWeb cover all aspects of Online Marketing, from SEO and AdWords, to Web Design and Social Media Marketing. Our technical knowledge allows us to provide exceptional web solutions .

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